New York Database Day is a workshop targeting the database researchers and research-oriented practitioners in the New York area. New York has an incredibly strong database presence, and it is prime time for folks to get together. The Database Group at Columbia University will host the inaugural NYDBDay on November 10th at Columbia University. The purpose is for researchers in the area to learn about each others’ research, have discussions on important database directions, and look for ways to grow and foster the research+industrial community.


We want to thank Google and The Center for Data, Media and Society at Columbia’s Data Science Institute for generously sponsoring the workshop.


Short Research Talks

Talks are 10 min + 5 minutes for questions. Eugene will chair.

Wendy Hui Wang (SIT)

Amélie Marian (Rutgers)

Senjuti Basu Roy (NJIT)

Dennis Shasha (NYU)

Julia Stoyanovich (NYU)

Torsten Suel (NYU)

Kenneth Ross (Columbia)

Eugene Wu (Columbia)

Industry Lightning Talks

Talks are 10 min + 5 minutes for questions. Eugene will chair.

Evan Jones (BlueCore)

Dmitri V. Kalashnikov (ATT Labs)

Panel Discussion

Julia will moderate a broad discussion of human in the loop data analytics.


Below is a list of registered posters. If you did not register a poster, you are still welcome to bring one to present. We will provide easels, pins, and posterboard.

Ke Yang

Fotis Psallidas

Amir Pouya Aghasadeghi

Valia Kalokyri

Yiru Chen

Haoyue Ping

Bo Zhang

Mohammadreza Esfandiari

Additional Information

Important Dates

Submission and registration

Please register so we can order an appropriate amount of food. Optionally submit talk and poster abstracts.